The New Beauty Council

Twilight Walk (2011)

For the programme City Excavations as part of Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art 2011, the New Beauty Council issued an open invitation to collaborating friends from Göteborg to co-create an action and performance that explores the conditions pertaining to public places in the city. The work Twilight Walk consists of the preparatory meetings and the co-written discussions, as well as the action itself and its documentation. 

Twilight Walk is an action and performance that deals with the potential to reclaim and decolonise the event city of GO:TEBORG. The work springs from a monstrous desire for anything that cannot be consumed. On the walk through the summer night in Göteborg, new experiences and images are generated for the bodies that do not fit in – the city’s monsters – that are excluded from mention and planning.

Who spins the Ferris wheel, and what happens with the public domain in commercialised waters? Twilight Walk examines precariousness in areas of the event city where places are often experienced as being predefined. The work seeks to reformulate the idea of amusement and to create natural, safe spaces for the nonheteronormative bodies that have been made invisible. We imagine the city operating as an institution, and the institution as a body – where the entire body is expected to operate in one direction, but this conformity does not suit everybody.¹

Where the city tries to cut off, build out, send away, Twilight Walk creates new subjectivities, where we become what we want to be, and where we want to be. With the most ambiguous gender expressions, with far too short skirts, without documents, crawling 

The New Beauty Council (NBC), Thérèse Kristiansson and Annika Enqvist in collaboration with Lasse Långström, Minna Wendin/WISP (Women in Swedish Performing Arts, or What Is Stha Problem?), Hannah Goldstein, Anna Holknekt, Paula de Hollanda, Jannine Rivel, Moa Matilda Sahlin, Cecilia Bjursell, Iki Gonzalez Magnusson, Mikael Bojen, Maria Johansson, Susanna Leibovici and Irmelin Joelsson. With support from Frispel, Västra Götalandsregionen.

Biografi Anna Enqvist born 1975 in Sweden, lives and works in Sweden. Therese Kristiansson born 1981 in Sweden, lives and works in Sweden. The NBC is an independent art project that assumes a form of institutional guise to examine how various concepts of public sphere can be interpreted, and how concepts such as beauty and ugliness can be (re-)defined. In group actions, the NBC often explores how collective memories of places can be recoded if we engage with different spaces and reclaim them with our bodies. Selected Exhibitions: Knitting House, Husby Konsthall, Stockholm 2010; Att hitta hem, Konstfrämjandet, Stockholm 2010; Safe Slut – A Carneval through Valla Torg, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow 2009; Studio 44, Stockholm 2009; LaDIY fest Berlin, 2009.

Photo: Hendrik Zeitler