Tala Madani

Becoming Brilliant Lit Up Flashlight with Rear Projection 2013

Oil on canvas. 40,6 x 35,6cm
Oil on canvas. 40,6 x 35,5cm
Oil on canvas. 40,6 x 45,7cm
All paintings courtesy of the artist and Pilar Corrias, London

The paintings and animations of Tala Madani expound a darkly comic, wickedly playful, perverse, and sometimes absurd and pathetic universe, populated entirely by corpulent, middle-aged men. Madani’s work challenges male stereotypes with wicked humour and what appears to be a latent but wild feminist imagination. The small canvases here treat the subject of light and dark. They are otherworldly, but also very real in the absurdity and the vulnerability of the characters and scenes played out before us, in which the source of light is also a source of projection, a microphone that both amplifies and stifles speech.

Foto: Attila Urban