Nevan Lahart

Monuments 4 Constipation Theory 2013

Installation, mixed media
The installation comprises the following works entitled:
Full Spectrum Dominance leading the sheeple
7-7-9-11, W.T.F // W.T.C. 7
RFID will fry your mind
Give me the child @ 7 months and I will give you a Trans-human
Operation Gladio Redux
Drill drone @ the international Criminal Court
Today’s Whatever Weather Foe Cast
Ignoble Peace Prize redesign 4 Bradley Manning

Nevan Lahart works in a wide variety of media and creates inventive, expansive lo-fi installations whose subject matter is drawn largely from politics and social issues. These he tackles with wicked humour, irreverent critique and a sharp wit. Lahart describes his new work as “Essentially a bit of politics for the Teletubby Generation”. For the Biennial Lahart has produced a new body of work entitled Monuments 4 Constipation Theory.


Foto: Attila Urban