Louise Hervé & Chloé Maillet

The Waterway 2013

Video, sound, excerpt, 5’
The work is produced by the Liverpool Biennial as part of the cooperation project with the biennials of Göteoborg, Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts and Mechelen (within the framework of the European Culture Programme 2007-2013)

This video is set in a holiday resort on the Atlantic Ocean in France. A group of underwater archaeologists are look­ing for the remains of old shipwrecks and try to protect what they find from corrosion. A spa resort offers its clients seawater treatments as a rejuvenating cure. And a mys­terious group of senior citizens tries to find a remedy that will give them the right to eternal life. Does the future of humanity lie under water? In a typically associative way the artists combine events which seem only to relate indirectly to a pseudoscientific story.


Image: Still from The Waterway (2013)