2015.09.13 - 2015.09.13

An Occasion hosted by Isabel Lewis featuring Fanclub


Considered a celebratory and sensory gathering of things, people, plants, music, dance and smells, An Occasion hosted by Lewis takes place in the public park and horticultural garden of Trädgårdsföreningen. Visitors strolling through the garden will enter into a dramaturgy which includes music, dancing and speaking by Lewis and members of the dance collective Fanclub. Easing the formalities of distanced observation often found within a theatre or exhibition context, Lewis is interested in situations that generate relaxation where the entire human sensorium can be engaged. To Isabel Lewis the garden is as a site of modal mixing; a place historically used for different kinds of activities including philosophizing, scientific research, meditation, socializing, romantic encounters and erotic engagement.


September 13th, between 1pm-3am