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GIBCA 2017: Curator - Nav Haq


Nav Haq, curator of GIBCA 2017. Courtesy of M HKA.


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GIBCA 2015: A story within a story... 

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GIBCA 2015_GoteborgsKonsthall_benandsebastian_Foto Hendrik Zeitler(5)

  GIBCA 2015_GoteborgsKonsthall_Foto Hendrik Zeitler(5)

Göteborgs Konsthall, images from left:
benandsebastian - Museum of Nothing (2011-2014). Photo: Hendrik Zeitler
Lynette Yiadom-Boakye - The Work (2015) & Meleko Mokgosi - Modern Art: The Root of African Savages, Addendum (2015). Photo: Hendrik Zeitler

GIBCA 2015_HasselbladCenter_Foto Hendrik Zeitler(2)  GIBCA_2015_PhoebeBoswell_Photo_HendrikZeitler

Hasselblad Center, images from left:
Leslie Hewitt - Riffs on real time (2002-2009). Photo: Hendrik Zeitler
Phoebe Boswell - The Matter or Memory (2014) Photo: Hendrik Zeitler

GIBCA 2015_Houseofwords_Foto Hendrik Zeitler(1)  GIBCA 2015_Roda Sten Konsthall_Foto Hendrik Zeitler  GIBCA 2015_Roda Sten Konsthall_Foto Hendrik Zeitler(5)

Röda Sten Konsthall, images from left:
Santiago Cirugeda / recetas urbanas - House of Words (2015). Photo: Hendrik Zeitler
Kader Attia - Los de arriba y los de abajo (2015) & Ângela Ferreira - Messy Colonialism, Wild Colonization (2015) Photo: Hendrik Zeitler
Ângela Ferreira - Messy Colonialism, Wild Colonization (2015) Indépendance Cha Cha (2015) Photo: Hendrik Zeitler

GIBCA 2015_3vaningen_Foto_HendrikZeitler (3)  GIBCA 2015_3vaningen_Foto_HendrikZeitler (5)

3:e Våningen, images from left:
The Propeller Group - The Living Need Light, The Dead Need Music (2014) Photo: Hendrik Zeitler
Nastivicous - The Overture (2015) Photo: Hendrik Zeitler

House of Words


House of Words - HoW
Photo: Recetas Urbanas



   Gibca_How_Foto_MichelleBoynton_thumb  HoW_Foto_MichelleBoynton_2  How_Foto_MichelleBoynton_3

   House of Words - HoW
   Photo: Michelle Boynton