Finding Blue

Address: Växtverket, Karl Johansgatan 95, Gothenburg 414 51
Opening hours: 18 October, 12pm–3pm

In Finding Blue the artists Anni Foglert, Amanda Selinder and Amanda Björk meet in a performance and workshop where the starting point is the history of the woad plant and the extraction of its blue pigment. Woad was historically the foremost plant in Sweden for the extraction of blue pigment - a process regarded as complicated, which only certain artisans could master. In a common search for the woad’s significance in Gothenburg, the artists delve into text archives and preserved collections. Over the summer they have grown their own woad plants and experimented with different processes of fermentation to extract the pigment. Visitors of all ages are invited to investigate the blue colour with them. It is recommended to wear work clothes and to bring along pieces of textile and old clothes that can be dyed. The event opens with a performance and is followed by a workshop.