PUUT, Publicering & Utlåning

Address: Kvibergs stallgårdar 2, 415 28 Gothenburg
Contact: put@karllarsson.se
Opening hours: 7–8 September, 28–29 September, 26–27 October, 10am–3pm or by appointment

An initiative by Karl Larsson, where publications form a library. Publications created through dialogue between initiators and invited artists. Departing from the PUUT format, they search for possibilities for art making instead of seeing this procedure as an obstacle for creation. The choice of location, Kvibergs Marknad, is a marker and a guarantor for the works, as they become part of a context where dialogues happen beyond recognisable aspects. A method to work with, and question art and aesthetics, through the exchange that takes place in a library structure. In a time of simplification and permanent attacks on collective culture, the library as phenomena becomes an antithesis. A place for contemplation, where everyone is allowed space to exist, through collective ownership. Participants: Karl Larsson, Jenny K Lundgren, Magnus Grehn, Maggan, Zurab Rtveliashvili, Christer Boberg & Magnus Axelsson, and others.

Opening: Saturday 7 September, 12pm, Saturday 28 September, 12pm, Saturday 26 October, 12pm.
On each occasion a new publication will be presented.