Experience Contemporary Art together!

During the autumn we offer completely free bus tours to large parts of the exciting GIBCA Extended program and the art life in Region Västra Götaland. In a simple and pleasant way, we travel together and on the bus, there is always an art educator to give introduction and guidance. See details for booking at each trip! Please observe: Limited seats available!


GIBCA Extended + Artscape = TRUE

Saturday 5 October, 10am–4pm, Ale – Lilla Edet – Svenshögen
Sunday 6 October, 10am–5:15pm, Kungälv – Stenungsund – Tjörn
Saturday 12 October, 10am–4pm, Partille – Mölnlycke – Mölndal
Sunday 13 October, 10am–5pm, Angered – Lerum – Alingsås
Book your seat at: extended@gibca.se
On four occasions during two weekends in October, GIBCA Extended and Artscape invite you to experience a wonderful mix of contemporary art and street art in the Gothenburg region! All trips start at Franska tomten with a brief introduction of Eric Magassa's work Walking with Shadows, which is part of GIBCA. The trip end at Röda Sten Konsthall. All bus tours are completely free of charge and free lunch is included! 
About Artscape: Artscape is a nonprofit organisation that seeks to inspire people and promote public art for everyone. During three weeks in May and June 2019, Artscape carried out the street art project ARTSCAPE SAGA – a tribute to the universal storytelling and our world's rich selection of stories, myths and folk tales. Artists from all over the world created large-scale public art in twelve municipalities in the Gothenburg Region. Ancient meets contemporary when classical folktales are combined with urban street art in public settings. Read more about the project, the artworks and the artists at www.artscape.se.
With support by Kulturmiljonen, GR-kommunerna.

Saturday 5 October Ale – Lilla Edet – Svenshögen

The bus takes us via Ale and Lilla Edet before we reach the opening of Samtidigt i Svenshögen at STATIONEN, a space for contemporary art and culture located in Svenshögen’s old train station. STATIONEN explores agency through video and performance art that in different ways affect natural–cultural relations. During the bus tour, we make stops along the way for a guided tour of ARTSCAPE SAGA.
Time: Saturday 5 October, 10am–4pm (circa)
Book your seat at: extended@gibca.se

Sunday 6 October Kungälv – Stenungsund – Tjörn

The bus takes us via Kungälv and Stenungsund before arriving at Tjörn and the Nordic Watercolour Museum for a guided tour of a solo exhibition by American artist Nancy Spero (1926–2009). With a body of work that tackled contemporary political questions such as racism, violence and sexism, Spero was one of the leading figures of the feminist art movement. During the bus tour, we make stops along the way for a guided tour of ARTSCAPE SAGA.
Time: Sunday 6 October, 10am–5:15pm (circa)
Book your seat at: extended@gibca.se

Saturday 12 October Partille – Mölnlycke – Mölndal

The bus first takes us via Partille and then for a stop at Mölnlycke Kulturhus and the opening of Jonathan “Ollio” Josefsson's exhibition. A world full of patterns is shown through textile art and painting. The journey then carries on to Mölndal Stadsmuseum. Here we meet the artist Amalia Bille, who talks about her exhibition Möten och speglingar in which she has portrayed Mölndal inhabitants in drawing, sculpture and as a large-scale facade projection . During the bus tour, we make stops along the way for a guided tour of ARTSCAPE SAGA.
Time: Saturday 12 October, 10am–4pm (circa)
Book your seat at: extended@gibca.se

Sunday 13 October Angered – Lerum – Alingsås

The bus takes us to Angered and the Art Gallery Blå Stället where we get the chance to see the exhibitions Made In Angered # 2 and Dekorativ Demokrati. Then we go on through Lerum to Alingsås Konsthall where we get a guided tour of the exhibition by artist, performer and singer Catti Brandelius 365 porträtt av Jari. The project is a personal love story that also brings up questions about subject and object, the artist and the portrayed, and about the privilege of being portrayed. During the bus tour, we make stops along the way for a guided tour of ARTSCAPE SAGA.
Time: Sunday 13 October, 10am–5pm (circa)
Book your seat at: extended@gibca.se

ChARTerbus arranged by Art Center Sjuhärad

Sunday 15 September 9am–6pm. Departure 9am from Gothenburg.
Registration is required! The bus journey is free of charge and lunch and coffee are included.
chARTerbus takes us on a journey from Gothenburg to Bollebygd – Rydal – Uddebo and back. Via broken links we pass by entanglements and let the waters bring us together as we dream of sustainable futures. At Boy konsthall  we visit the exhibition Broken links and external hard drives (Ida Brockmann), in Rydal we take part of the post-humanist art project Skimmer och härvor i Viskadalen (Theo Ågren, Thomas Lauren), in Uddebo we go on a whirling tour together with Future Utopia Community Key following the tracks left by the experiences of previous seasons. There will be artist talks, entertainment, guided tours and refreshments along the way.
Art Center Sjuhärad acts for a living cultural life in Sjuhärad by sharing knowledge and resources.

Visit Gerlesborgsskolan, KKV Bohuslän and Scenkonst Gerlesborg

Saturday 14 September: 9:30am–8pm. The bus departs from Gothenburg Central Station at 10am.
Booking: gibca@gerlesborgsskolan.se (Observe: Bookings can be made no later than the 10th of September, there is also the possibility to pre-order lunch for 95 SEK)
Join us on a free bus tour to Kulturhärad Bottna/Gerlesborg for a full day of art experiences by the coast! During the day we will see sculpture exhibitions, performance art and a theatrical production in one of Sweden's most art saturated location. The first stop is Gerlesborgsskolan and Galleri Gerlesborg where we experience performance art and a guided tour of the exhibition Herring, Iron, Gunpowder, Humans & Sugar. We then continue our trip to KKV Bohuslän and the group exhibitions The World Without Me - Memorial Display in XYZ and Soft Rock .The last stop of the day is Scenkonst Gerlesborg where we experience the performance Kabaré Platsens Ande. On the way back to Gothenburg we serve vegan sandwiches on the bus!
For further details and information: www.gerlesborgsskolan.se