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GIBCA • Konstepidemin


Address: Konstepidemins väg 6, 413 14 Gothenburg
Contact: galleri@konstepidemin.se 


5 September 8pm–late and 14 November, 7pm–12am

A collective platform for artists, cultural workers and those who are interested, living in or visiting the Västra Götaland region. The programme presents all different kinds of contemporary artists: musicians, authors, film makers, visual artists amongst others. The concept of BRA10 is simple - an evening combining lecture, performance, music, installation, food, conversation and socialising.
Where: Hus 10

THE FEMALE CHOIR – Emelie Carlén 

5–29 September, Tuesday–Thursday, 12–5pm, Friday–Sunday, 12–4pm

The Female Choir is a sound sculpture installation. The sound piece is created in collaboration with the musician Sanne Desseville. The Female Choir is based on how the soundscapes around us, have come to be dominated by the female voice. Voices from vending machines, telephones, speakers in the metro, the caring and helping voice. In The Female Choir, lip movements are synchronised in the pursuit of change, with the use of affective experiences as a method to see through and as an instrument of critique of power relations.
Where: Pannrummet, Galleri Konstepidemin
Opening: Thursday 5 September, 5–8pm

Screens – Emelie Röndahl

5–29 September, Tuesday–Thursday, 12–5pm, Friday–Sunday 12–4 pm

With Google as a drafting method, Emelie Röndahl is drawn to fast decisions. The world of images is shared by all internet users, which leads us to the question: who’s image is Röndahl reproducing? In her search Röndahl found her way to stock photos on the internet, where images with common visual tropes, present a flat, silly and posing expression, regardless of their content. Röndahl weaves long pile rugs by hand, it takes time and requires attention. Two threads are fastened as a knot around two warp threads in a long row from one edge to the other. The knots are locked in with a few rows of plain weave. The pixels in the printed internet image are pinned beneath the warp and have influenced the choice of colours.
Where: Galleri Konstepidemin
Opening: Thursday 5 September, 5–8pm

Älskarna – Stina Östberg

5–29 September, Tuesday–Thursday, 12–5pm, Friday–Sunday, 12– 4pm

To bleed slowly enables the act of stillness that is contained in each image. Byproducts find their way across the paper. Notes are made on different days, at different hours and in different places. They partake in a community like an anthology bound into a book. A history of creation behind each image and tale, in each motif. The story of the gap between activities that shape days and years. Gaps that hold everything into place. Images functioning like mortar trying to create life. To shape more than to create. Cut the paper, wet the paper, let the paint float out across the paper, paint in different tempos and degrees of wetness. Controlled and uncontrolled. Perfect pitch and tone deafness. In darkness and in light. Half floating substances in one and the same person. The lovers intertwined and separable to not spoil the act of loving.
Where: Galleri Konstepidemin 
Opening: Thursday 5 September, 5–8pm

Fragile Territory: new place / new work – Carrie Bobo 

5 September–2 October, Monday–Friday, 10am–4pm

A year after arriving in Sweden, Carrie Bobo will exhibit the work she made during this year, a reflection on both, Swedish and American archetypal imagery of home. This exhibition of prints and paintings was created within, and influenced by, the atmosphere and community of Konstepidemin. Carrie Bobo’s works connect art and architecture and explore cultural conceptions of home and belonging; they investigate façade, control, inclusion and exclusion; they are portraits of home.
Where: Blå huset
Opening: Thursday 5 September, 5 – 8pm

Dômen stipendiater på Konstepidemin

5–7 September

Over the summer, students Amanda Sunding and Sonja Zornat from Dômen Art School have been working at Konstepidemin with the GIBCA theme. Take part of their work in Ateljé Kollegiet.
Where: Ateljé Kollegiet
Opening: Thursday 5 September, 5–8pm

Coast to Coast

5 September–6 October, Monday–Friday, 8am–8pm, Saturday–Sunday, 10am–6pm

In the spring of 2018 four Western Swedish artists travelled to Dakar and exhibited at the DakArt Biennial’s OFF programme. This year, four artists from Dakar have travelled to Gothenburg to work together with the four Swedish artists around the GIBCA theme and present the result during GIBCA Extended. The aim of the project is to create a longstanding link between artists and artist run initiatives in the two cities. The idea is to make the collaboration last for eight years, at four biennials in Dakar and four in Gothenburg, with 32 artists in total: 16 from western Senegal and 16 from western Sweden. The project is run by Konstepidemin and Conseil Sénégalais des Arts with the support of IASPIS, the Swedish Council of Culture and the Västra Götaland Region. Participants: Sara Andreasson, Kristian Berglund, Amy Célestina Ndione, Serigne Ibrahima Dieye, Peter Eccher, Ndeye Fatou Thiam aka Ina, Mor Faye, Jill Lindström
Where: Gothenburg City Library, Götaplatsen 3 
Opening: Thursday 5 September, 3–6pm
Artist talk: Sunday 8 September, 3–5:30pm

Arrival & Time of Our Life – ilDance

10–11 September, 7pm. Doors open at 6:55pm

ilYoung is ilDance’s project based professional youth ensemble. Arrival is a vivid exploration of the breaking point between our expectations and what we actually meet when a new situation arrives. The piece captures the moment when we realise that our perception of the encounter with a person or a place might not be fulfilled. Time of Our Life is a communal, intimate experience shared between the dancers and the audience. The work is based on personal stories from the lives of the ten stage performers and explores the current time, albeit through a nostalgic gaze. How large is the gap between where we once were and where we are now?
Participants: Israel Aloni, Lee Brummer & Cast Performers: Inanna Argati, Ella-My Blomdahl, Marni Green, Karolina Janhager, Jacinta Jefferies, Naomi Kats, Valtteri Keinänen, Linn Lindström, Rebecca Lång, Kady Mansour 
Where: Gröna Rummet in Blå Huset
Website: ildance.se

Separatistisk röstworkshop för kvinnor 

13 September, 5–9pm, 14 September, 11am–5pm, 15 September, 10am–4pm.

Participation is required all days, 16 hours in total (inclusive breaks)

This workshop addresses those who have experience of working with the voice as a form of expression. Through physical exercises we seek the voices that occur in our own particular bodies. This specific way of working with the voice is founded on the idea that the voice is a passage to life experiences and expressions. With our voices we can go beyond the muscular and emotional borders our cultures and bodies maintain, and discover other experiences, other possible voices and sounds, other ways to be human. The workshop is led by Fia Adler Sandblad, artistic director of ADAS Musical Theatre at Konstepidemin. Organiser: ADAS Musical Theatre Participants: Fia Adler Sandblad
Where: Gröna Rummet in Blå Huset
Sign up with adas@konstepidemin.se no later than 9 September

Osynliga Statskuppen – Teater Spira Each

Tuesday in October and November, 6:30–8pm

A documentary performance about New Public Management and deregulations in Sweden today. Our world is in transit; our way of thinking about each other, ourselves, our system, on the civil contract. A performance about how we want to live together in society. A journalistic scenic settlement with NPM, deregulations and privatisations in contemporary Sweden. Artists are supposed to make art that is innovative, useful, democratic, inclusive – noble values, but the governance is done by bureaucrats who lack knowledge about art. The concerns become bureaucratic, not qualitative, and reduces the art. The governance ends up only few steps away of moralizing shouts and nationalistic art. Where does this governance comes from? The answer is surprising! Participants: Director: Robert Bolin. On stage: Jonas Fröberg. Manuscript: Robert Bolin and Jonas Fröberg. Produced with the support from the Västra Götaland Region and the City of Gothenburg.
Premier: Tuesday 1 October, 6:30pm
Where: Site Specific on the upper floor, Rosa Huset. Accessible performance in 10:an at the 26th of November 6:30-8 pm
For further information: teaterspira.se

Trädet mitt i skogen – Lena Danielsson Wulcan 

55–27 October, Tuesday–Thursday, 12–5pm, Friday–Sunday 12–4pm

In Lena Danielsson’s exhibition, moving images of trees are presented. It blows in the branches and the trees move slowly in the wind. Trees with different personalities: trees that have been left after clearing; a seeding tree, perhaps useless, or too crooked, or old or for any other reason. Trees that sometimes are named eternity trees. The place where each tree grows is marked out, they have a chosen position. Their age is unknown, but they have their own history. The forest lives its own life but is affected by humans, climate and fires. The forest is also expected to save the world with its power to swallow carbon dioxide, either as fuel, biomass or simply by existing. The trees have been part of a larger forest. Now they are left on a clearing with sticks and other type of vegetation such as brushwood and raspberry bushes. But once upon a time, those trees were in the middle of the forest.
Where: Pannrummet, Galleri Konstepidemin
Opening: 5 October, 12–4pm

Moderskeppet – Pecka Söderberg 

5–27 October, Tuesday–Thursday, 12–5pm, Friday–Sunday, 12–4 pm

Pecka Söderberg’s stories are about the human being, with an interest mainly on our journey here and into the future. Is the future bright or is an impending apocalypse? How can we as humans reach our full potential? The humans depicted are often on a journey to somewhere, with light luggage. They have stopped and are trying to relate to the new circumstances they have encountered. The comforts of civilisation are in contrast with the wilderness within us, the longing of the soul for nature.
Where: Galleri Konstepidemin
Opening: Saturday 5 October, 12–4pm


16 October, 9am–9:30pm

In this workshop, open to all, we introduce the idea of the voice as a carrier of life experiences. Through easy exercises we seek out the voices that occur in our own bodies. Come along on a thrilling journey together with others into the universe of the voice! Participants: Fia Adler Sandblad, artistic director ADAS Musical Theatre at Konstepidemin Producers: Kassandra Production and ADAS Musical Theatre
Where: Galleri Konstepidemin
Sign up with galleri@konstepidemin.se no later than 13 October


25 and 27 October, 7–8pm and 10–11pm

The visual artist Pecka Söderberg meets the theatre and performance artists Annika B Lewis and Fia Adler Sandblad. Through an encounter of two works they explore the interplay between human and nature, with its breath-taking ways. Just as the professor of Microbiome science, Ruth Ley, puts it: “your body isn’t just you”. Your body does not only belong to you. You are inhabited by a cluster of bacteria. What happens when us humans accept that we are nature, that we are not only us, but also parts in an intricate weave of viruses, bacteria and fungi? Could the microbiomes in our stomachs and bodies speak to us, and if so, can we listen to them? Welcome to a world of break downs, new horizons and possibilities!
Where: Galleri Konstepidemin

My library was dukedom large enough – Carina Fihn, Lina Nordenström, Ulla West, Bibliotek Nordica 

2–24 November, Tuesday–Thursday, 12–5pm, Friday–Sunday, 12–4pm

Four artists’ books projects, that relate to the notion of the library, are presented in Glasrummet. Every library is its own universe. On the shelves in silent halls, truths, lies, fantasies, dreams, claims, evidence and counter evidence, sit side by side. All according to fixed systems. The signs of the alphabet arranged into sentences in chapters, headlines and paragraphs. Humanity’s thoughts, experience and knowledge throughout history has been made accessible for the future in this way. An artist’s book borrows the idea or the form of the book but is not literature in any ordinary sense, rather an alternative space, a unique work, a container for the artist’s ideas and thoughts. The artists create their own universe, truth, lie and sometimes their own library. It can contain everything… or nothing. Meaning is in the eye of the beholder.
Where: Glasrummet, Galleri Konstepidemin
Opening: Saturday 2 November, 12–4pm

Nordic Match F.I.L Exhibition – Goda Palekaite and Annika Lundgren

2–24 November, Tuesday–Thursday, 12–5pm, Friday–Sunday, 12–4pm

This is the second year of a three-year Artist in Residence programme that focuses on Finland, Iceland and Lithuania. A collaborative project in which the chosen Nordic Match F.I.L. artist is put in contact and collaborates with a professional artist living and working in Gothenburg or its vicinity. Together the artists create a joint exhibition at Galleri Konstepidemin. Each residency consists of a three month long stay for each artist, thanks to a three-year grant from the Nordic Culture Fund.
Where: Galleri Konstepidemin
Opening: 2 November, 12–4pm
Conversation: Thursday 14 November, 6–7pm.
Nordic Match F.I.L. with Goda Palekaite Annika Lundgren and guest.

Orael - Malin Griffiths

2–24 November, Tuesday–Thursday, 12–5pm, Friday–Sunday 12–4pm

With the use of topics such as identity, coming of age and time in relation to nature and growth, Malin Griffiths explores how everything is connected. The exhibition Orael is a self-portrait in which the artist, in a creative process, reproduces herself by casting body parts in silicone. The body is then filled with symbolic objects and physical traces that carry memories, for instance a drop of blood, a tear and hair from her children. The psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan said that within us there is an inner room where we own true knowledge of ourselves and our history, separated from the I. Carl Jung talks about the shadow, a mirroring of ourselves but the opposite of our conscious self. The shadow is all the things we do not want to acknowledge.
Where: Bergrummet
Opening: Saturday 2 November, 12–4pm
Photo: Coast to Coast. 
Photographer: Ndeye Fatou Thiam aka INA