Roberto N Peyre

Ship of Fools 2000-2013

Duration approx 4x6 hours.
4 channel video & stereo 2.0 installation, each channel positioned
in relation to the compass cardinal points.
Ship of Fools is an audiovisual archive of transatlantic carnival spirits recorded 2000-2012 in Cardiff (UK), Jacmel (Haiti), Loule (Portugal), Olinda/Recife (Brasil), New Orleans (USA), various villages in the Basque Country, Calabar (Nigeria) and across the Atlantic Ocean.
With support from the Swedish Arts Grants Commitee / IASPIS, Moderna Museet, Weld and NOKAKO (Nordisk Karnevalskomission).
formance, installation, mixed media
Courtesy of the artists

Roberto Peyre’s work is drawn from a peripatetic practice

dedicated to the documentation and experience of Carnival

on both sides of the Atlantic. Ship of Fools, his newly edited

multi-screen video installation will present a jam of this

material, while Lovaman, his performance from the Canal to

the Kungsportavenyn will reintroduce the “men of leaves”

of old North European mythology into a wider and indeed

worldwide ritualistic cosmogony.



Foto: Attila Urban